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About Us

The corner-stone for the established know-how of Lenz Motorentechnik GmbH was set by the firm founder Josef Lenz during his more than 14 year career (1972-1986) in the development of automotive electronics at Siemens. In this period the first industrial engine electronics and vehicle electronics systems for the automotive industry were developed at Siemens. In addition, here was the cradle of the high-quality SMD and SIPAD electronics technologies, which are today an indispensable component of reliable and efficient auto electronics circuits.

Since 1986 on an independent basis, the comprehensive know-how of these key technologies and their synthesis, from the basic development to the manufacturing of engine management systems and their specific application to engines, has been the economical foundation of Lenz Motorentechnik GmbH.

Core competences of the business were first customer-specific developed engine electronics in small production series for motorsport. First highlight was Lenz TurboTronic®, a complex, professional engine management system, which passed its baptism by fire in formula 1 vehicles and today represents the flagship of the business. In consequence as a low cost version Lenz TurboTronicLight® was developed for broader use in amateur and professional motorsport. Newest products are Lenz KatTronic®, a controller for the performance-increasing catalyst retrofit of high-quality, demanding series sport engines according to the most current pollutant standards, as well as Lenz PowerTronic®, a plug and-pin-compatible high speed controller for exchange against original Bosch Motronic or other standard controllers.

A further core competence exists in the development and optimization of normally aspirated and forced induction combustion engines (turbochargers and superchargers).

The Lenz business can meanwhile call upon a 30 year wealth of experience concerning engine electronics and their application in engine technology. Lenz can be measured by the requirement in its products to offer outstanding quality and to always be technologically up to date. The components used are developed in house or produced by first-class manufacturers (Bosch, Epcos, Infineon, Siemens.....).

The speed of innovation today is dictated by rapid progress within the area of microelectronics. With the current products and services offered, Lenz is recommended as a competent partner for all problem areas within the range of engine and vehicle electronics (like data recording etc.), from the series engine to the professional race engine. An important and up to date topic, with which Lenz cooperates closely with TÜV Bavaria, is the reduction of the pollutant emissions at optimized performance levels. The technology is mainly based on the in house developed engine controllers. A reprogramming of all series controllers (Bosch, WM, Siemens.) is however also possible.

A substantial prerequisite for successful development and testing of solutions for engine technology is a powerful stationary engine dyno type Superflow 7420 with extensive measuring instruments and the additional Lab View measurement data recording by National Instruments, in addition with combustion chamber indexing-measuring technique by SMETec. The Lenz business offers here the advantage that the entire know-how development comes from one hand.

LENZ Motorentechnik GmbH is located 10 km east of Munich (motorway exit Haar), in Kirchseeon-Eglharting. The premises consist of two assembly halls, development lab, engine test stand and workshop. Our highly qualified coworkers and specialists take special care of the projects and the customer vehicles.

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