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New: Special Starter Condensers

The question: "could you help me get started?" belongs to the past,
since now there are UltraCap starter condensers from EPCOS.

UltraCap 200F
  • Why starting problems when not necessary!
  • Parallel to the series battery (which can be somewhat smaller)
  • A super start – with UltraCap
  • For extremely high starter voltage
  • Versions available with 100F, 200F and 400F
  • For vehicles which are seldom started
  • From motorcycle, automobile to truck

   Further information available on request.

Technical description of UltraCap 200F will be available shortly as a PDF

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New: Special PowerPac

Specail PowerPac - Electric Servo Pump

   Electric servo pump
   for steering assistance

  • Replaces the mechanically driven servo pump
  • Engine performance increase of 5-8 HP
  • Suitable as original production equipment
  • Is simple to retrofit

  • Ideal for all types of sports cars
   Immediately available!

Technical description available as a PDF shortly

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GEłNIO - Engine Oil Base 5W-40
Type: Fully synthetic high performance engine oil
SAE Class: 5W-40
Performance Classes: API SJ/CF, ACEA A3-96, B3-96
(fufills former CCMC G5, PD2 specifications)
Specifications: Considerably exceeds all manufacturer norms

GEłNIO engine oil base 5W-40 is a first class fully synthetic engine oil based on a new synthesis technology. The product is appropriate for extreme loads under all conditions. The viscosity properties provide for extremely low oil consumption values, which are not reached by other light weight oils. Further, the high HTHS values lie in a range, which can only be achieved by fully synthetic SAE 40 products. This HTHS value is a characteristic for the lubricating film thickness (e.g. in the sliding bearing). Extensive use of GEłNIO oils in motor sport has proven the high qualification of this product.

Specific characteristics:


Good pumping and fluidity at low temperatures and fast oiling of the engine after a cold start.


Strong reduction of friction at lubrication locations by polar raw materials contained in the oil, therefore low wear.


Outstanding high temperature characteristics, i.e. highly loadable lubricating film with high pressure absorbtion ability under extreme thermal and mechanical loads.


Extremely low oil consumption by extraordinarily low evaporation loss and high sealing within the piston ring area through extremely high temperature viscosity.


Extreme shearing strength, i.e. the viscosity range remains full over 10 years during strong mechanical load.


Pronounced good aging stability, i.e. the product has at the same time outstanding mud-preventing characteristics.


Reduced phosphorous content for the improved effectiveness of the catalyst.


Used oil disposal relief through minimized chlorine values.

Areas of application:

GEłNIO base oil is suitable for gas or diesel passenger car engines with or without forced induction.

Mixing and disposal:

GEłNIO engine oil is mixable with all engine oil brands, which correspond to the specifications prescribed by the manufacturers. In order to ensure the 10-year warranty of the product, the GEłNIO oil can only be used unmixed.

GEłNIO oil can be normally disposed as used oil after an oil change. Waste key No.: 54 112

Chemical-physical characteristic data:

  Unit Typical data Test method
 Color   brown  
 Pour point °C -50 ISO 3016
 Flash point °C 227 ISO 2592
 Thickness 15 °C kg/mł 860 DIN 51757 T4
 Kin. Viscosity 40 °C mm˛/s 94 DIN 51562
 Kin. Viscosity 100 °C mm˛/s 14 DIN 51562
 CCS -20 °C mPa s 3,200 DIN 51377
 Total base number (TBN)   9.7 ISO 3771
 Chlorine ppm not meas. RFA DIN 51577/2
 Phosphorous wgt % 0.106 RFA DIN 51363/2

All data correspond to the present level of knowledge and development, changes in composition for product improvement remain reserved.

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