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Lenz PowerKat® System

A catalyst retrofit system with a performance increase for vehicles without engine management with mechanical (K-Jetronic) or electronic (L-Jetronic) injection systems, which were offered in production series without catalyst or with a suboptimal performance-related catalyst technology. The program is predominantly oriented to vehicles of the makes BMW (M1-M6), Ferrari and Porsche constructed between 1970 and 1989. The installation takes place usually without any engine modifications and can be easily removed.

…because without a Kat is out!

In Germany, as of January 1, 2001 the tax rate for vehicles without a catalyst was drastically increased to 25,36 E /100 ccm, for pollutant class Euro 1 the tax rate is 10,84 E /100 ccm. Vehicles without a catalyst one are incalculably immobile due to driving bans during an ozone alarm and exclusion from the town center (e.g. Berlin etc.).

again very current:

85 - 90% of the emissions in street traffic are caused by vehicles without a catalyst.

Consequence: The retrofit of a catalyst system is, necessary, up-to-date and economical. This applies in special measure to enthusiast cars in good technical condition.

High-quality sports cars draw their special attraction primarily from the engine performance potential. A really good catalyst retrofit system ideally should not impair the original performance. The Lenz PowerKat ® is conceived as an uncompromising high end system for catalyst retrofit with an increase in output. It was developed with the philosophy to retrofit with a regulated catalyst using most modern technology and improved engine performance.

On the basis of many years of know-how of in complex dynamometer runs and extensive measurement, an optimum tuning has been realized for the respective type of engine. The result is an optimal synthesis between outstanding performance and adherence to up-to-date pollutant standards.

Technology Details

Principle item of the Lenz PowerKat® system is Lenz KatTronic®, a modern, modular developed digital engine management for injection and ignition with the Infineon Microcontroller C164/C161/C167 as P. The storage of the data tables / maps and control parameters takes place in flash memories. A special, hardware-supported signal processing makes the ultra fast and highly exact processing of the sensor data and a high system throughput possible. The system software works real-time, i.e. each injection and ignition event is computed up to the maximum permissible engine speed in real time from the sensor data and operating parameters. The result is a delay-free adjustment of the engine control to the respective operating condition.

Lenz uses exclusively first-class technology from in house development and select components of well known manufacturers (Bosch, Epcos, Infineon and Siemens). A guarantee for greatest possible quality and reliability.

Special algorithms are in the control software to realize the optimization of the dynamic behavior. The lambda regulation works according to a modified PID algorithm practically delay-free over the entire rpm/load spectrum, the reference is derived from a lambda data table / map with additional specific operating corrections. The regulation works adaptively, i.e. from the measured values of the lambda probes, model values are derived, which are stored in an adaptation data table / map. by Through continual updating of engine electronics long-term performance data are held on a constant level. On board diagnostic routines permanently monitor the function of the sensor technology and store abnormal operating conditions as well as implausible sensor data for diagnostic purposes. A fail-safe program permits driving in the event of an error. A temperature-dependent speed limiter protects the engine during the warming-up phase against excessive wear by too high rpms. High quality metal catalysts provide for effective emission control.

Lenz PowerKat
® is suitable also for carburetor engines after modification for manifold intake injection (carburetor-look).

A special feature of Lenz KatTronic® is the integrated serial interface to standard PC (operating system MSDOS) executable software. Important system data can be visualized on-line during actual driving on a colored graphics display (e.g. laptop with MSDOS) and diagnostic data for service purposes be read out. For professional use an extended version is available. This contains functions for system calibration as well as the on-line editing of the data tables / maps and system parameters, with which individual fine tuning is possible for the respective engine. Further measuring data can be recorded (data recording).


The conception of the Lenz KatTronic® engine control is the result of know how, which was won during 30 years experience in the engine electronics sector and motor sport. Developmentally Lenz KatTronic® descends from the professional systems Lenz TurboTronic® and Lenz TurboTronicLight®. Both systems are have been used successfully for many years in amateur and professional motor sport, the Lenz TurboTronic® among other things also in formula 1 vehicles. The Lenz PowerTronic® and PowerTronicLight® engine management systems complete the controller line.

Advantages and Uses

More driving fun through dynamic optimization:

Noticeable performance increase, measurable consumption minimization, enormous emission reduction and a significant improvement in torque development, revving ability and response mode.

In preparation:

Euro 3 conversion of all vehicles, (with tank ventilation and OBDII).

A partial amortization of the initial costs through vehicle tax savings. Technical update and sensible, future-safe investment in up to date pollutant control, long term value retention and increased resale value. No engine modifications necessary.

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